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A downloadable/printable certificate will be available immediately following the successful completion of each course.

Looking for a Medical Biller?

Ethical Billing Solutions provides affordable medical billing services.  Their experience, attention to detail and excellent working relationship with providers, patients and insurance companies make them an asset to any medical practice.

Open a Private Practice

This course will provide the framework to help you determine what is required to start a private practice or to work as an independent contractor in a group practice. You will be guided, through research and self-discovery, how to obtain the specific data and information needed to launch yourself into self-employment.

Employees and Staff-Hiring Therapists

This course provides the framework necessary to hire quality employees with the focus on hiring massage therapists

Accepting Insurance

Accepting insurance can dramatically increase your clientelle.  This course provides a basic understanding of what is involved in accepting insurance as a form of payment…   

Growing Your Practice

This course will give you practical steps that you can adopt at any stage of your practice to increase and maintain clientele.

Social Media

This course provides a general discussion about the profound impact social media can have and an outline explaining how to use it appropriately to promote a massage business

Business Framework

This course provides a broad overview of the professional structure necessary for massage practices/clinics-from small to large

Hiring, Training and Managing Office Staff

This course provides a guide to hiring, training and managing office staff. Also covered is payroll processing using Quickbooks.

Business Practices Matter

Having proper and streamline business methods in place are crucial to a successful massage practice.

Business Solutions

Purchase customizable forms for your practice. 

These tested and easy to customize patient and practice forms include; Confidential Health Questionnaire, Employment Contract, Chart Notes, Patient Handouts including, A Patient’s Guide to Insurance Benefits and Popular Stretches, plus more…

Is your goal to expand your practice?

The outlook for Medical Massage Therapy is very good. Never in the history of the profession have more people been aware of the health benefits of massage therapy. 

Patients receive care to address a wide variety of physical and psychological complaints. Physicians routinely refer patients for treatment. Many health insurance plans include massage therapy as a covered benefit, allowing the clinic to bill for massage therapy services.

Advancing the Field

Our goal is to help Massage Therapists succeed by offering quality continuing education courses, comprehensive information and links to crucial resources


My license is about to expire and I need CE credits ASAP.  How quickly will I get my certificate after finishing a course.

Your certificate will be available to download and/or print immediately after you pass the final test with a score of 70% or better.

How many CE hours can be taken online?

In Washington State, twelve can be taken through an online course, eight may be business related courses and a minimum of four hours must be in professional ethics, communication, and/or Washington State massage laws and regulations.  To view your state’s requirements, click the button below.

What if I don't pass the final the first time?

Take the final up to 5 times for no additional fee.  

How can I fit online courses into my busy schedule?

Each course that you purchase is stored on your account page.  You can stop a course at any point and later resume.

What if insurance companies in my state don't offer massage therapy as a benefit?

There is still a need for medical massage.  Operating your practice as a medical provider is a great way to set yourself apart from other massage therapists.  

Do you share may information with others?

Never.  The information we collect is used only to provide you with access to the course materal, tests and certification.

What kind of information is available in your newsletters?

We provide articles that cover topics such as; industry news, patient care, customer service, health and wellness, inspiration and support, business practices and massage mastery.

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