Why do we have a cancellation policy?

  1. Consideration for our Massage Therapists’ livelihood.  Massage is physically taxing and therapists perform a limited number of massages per day.  Because each session is based on a specific length of time, it is not possible to over-book appointments and then squeeze patients in if no one cancels.  One cancellation can equate to 1/4 of a Massage Therapist’s income for that day.
  2. Consideration for our Patients.  We are a busy practice.  Often patients will call to request a same-day appointment for a painful condition and many times we are not able to accommodate that request.  If a patient no-shows, they are taking a space that could have been given to a patient experiencing discomfort.

Our cancellation policy is clearly stated on our patient intake form-the form every patient must complete and sign at their first visit to our clinic.  It is stated in our brochure.  Our therapists discuss our no show policy with each patient during the intake portion of their first appointment.

Why do we emphasize our cancellation policy?

  1. No surprises.  Many times patients do not notice every detail of what they are signing or only skim a brochure.  We can be sure a patient is aware of our no show policy by having it stated in several locations as well as verbally disclosing it.
  2. Education.  We want our patients to understand why we have a cancelation policy.

Our cancellation policy states:

As a courtesy to our Therapists and other patients, we request a 24-hour notice if you must cancel or reschedule an appointment.  Failure to do so may result in a cancellation fee.

Cancellation Policies

We do take into consideration the circumstances if a patient no-shows or cancels at the last minute.   Acceptable reasons include illness or an emergency.  We also give one “first time” pass and remind the patient of our policy.  Our cancellation policy is intended to prevent habitual no-shows. 

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