canstockphoto20439050Why do we offer continuing education for only $5?  Because we understand.
Continuing education is a necessary, but often financially difficult requirement to maintain a license. Now, with the ability to offer courses online-in a condensed format-the overhead to host a course is significantly reduced. Our courses focus on the business side of massage. We provide practical and insightful information that can only be obtained through experience-or one of our courses.
As a 25 year veteran in the field of massage therapy I have been frequently frustrated;
1. With the lack of business education that addressed the specific needs of massage practices.
2. By the shortage of information available that went beyond the esoteric. Yes, many massage therapists operate on this valid plane-but we are also working in the business world and need concrete professional guidance.
3. By the expense of continuing education courses.
Our business and ethics courses address the above issues. Take one or more of our courses to obtain the business information that will help your practice grow and thrive.
Each course qualifies for 1 CE hour. Choose topics that are relevant to your professional needs, personal situation and interests. Courses are reasonably priced, at just $5 per course. This includes the course material, quiz and certification. All courses are available online to allow for instant access and certification.
Study the course material and take the quiz at your own pace. A score of 70% or better will generate a certificate, which will be instantly available for you to print. If you score under 70%, you may study the material, retake the quiz up to five additional times and with a passing score, receive your certification at no additional charge.
Continuing Education requirements vary from state to state.
View to requirements for your state
Credentialing Requirements by State
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