Business Courses

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Opening a Private Practice

Learn what is necessary to open a successful individual private practice or to work as an independent contractor in a group practice.

Accepting Insurance

Gain basic understanding of what is involved in accepting insurance as a form of payment.

Hiring Massage Therapists

Discover the framework necessary to hire quality employees with the focus on hiring massage therapists.

Office Staff

This course provides a guide to hiring, training and managing office staff.

Business Framework

Learn professional structure necessary for massage practices/clinics-from small to large.

Growing Your Practice

Learn practical steps that you can adopt at any stage of your practice to increase and maintain clientele.

Medical Billing

This course provides a step by step guide to submitting claims using Medisoft billing software.

Equipment and Supplies

Provides an overview and evaluation of the equipment and supplies typically used in a massage clinic or practice.

Social Media

Learn how to use social media to promote your practice.

Create a Massage Clinic

How to design and build a Massage Clinic in a commercial space.

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