Customer Service-Customer’s #1 Complaint-Feeling like they are Not Important

Here are the top three ways to make your customers feel;


massage clinic 101 face book post pic mad face.jpg1. Ignore Them
When a customer walks in the door; don’t acknowledge them. You are busy with another customer-they can see that. You will make eye contact, give them a nod, smile at or greet them when you are done. If you are on the phone, internet or working on a project, since you resent the interruption, the customer standing at the front counter CAN JUST WAIT.

2. Treat Them Rudely
This can be accomplished by being condescending or irritated. If they have a question, respond in a tone of voice that lets them know how inept they must be. If they are coming to you with a complaint, turn it around and shame and blame them to lessen your responsibility for the situation. And if a frustrated customer raises their voice-get ANGRY and retaliate.

3. Make Them Feel Not Heard
This one is easy. If a customer has a request that is not company policy, has a complaint about a product or service or feels that there may be an error-just repeat company policy. There is never a need to contemplate the customer’s viewpoint. IT IS YOUR COMPANY and you make the rules.

Of course the above is silly and companies do not purposely adopt these ideas as company policy. However, how many times have you as a customer been on the receiving end of this type of bad customer service?

You walk into a business and stand there waiting without anyone even bothering to acknowledge your arrival or let you know that they will be right with you. Even a nod and a smile-with a friendly, “I’ll be right with you” gesture would suffice.

You call a customer service representative with a question about charge that you don’t recognize and are spoken to in a condescending and irritated tone of voice.

You know that a health insurance claim was improperly processed and when you speak to the claims rep-they just keep repeating what is written on the EOB.

The best company policy regarding customer service is; TREAT EACH CUSTOMER AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED.