Running a successful group practice is time intensive. One of the biggest time eaters when you accept insurance is medical billing and all that it encompasses. Checking patient’s eligibility and benefits, obtaining referrals and pre-authorizations, gathering and inputting patient demographics, submitting patient visits and claims, inputting payments, sending statements to patients and finally, following up on unpaid claims.

I spent 12 hours a day sustaining a large medical massage clinic. Even though I was working in a field that provides pain and stress relief, my stress level was increasing daily. There was minimal time available for promoting the business, innovation-creativity, or practice building.

What stopped me from using a billing service, instead of doing it all myself? The cost and the fact that, at the time, it seemed that nearly the same amount of computer input and information gathering would be necessary to pass the necessary data to the biller.

Fast forward to today. I sold the practice over 5 years ago. Guess what I am doing now? Medical billing. The funny thing is, it doesn’t cause me any stress. It wasn’t medical billing that was the stressor. It was wearing too many hats and a cycle that had no end. I know for a fact that I would have profited greatly if I had used a medical billing service and spent my time focused on my business.

The technology available today makes running a medical massage practice so much easier. Patients can book their appointments, fill out forms, provide insurance information, all online. Providers can use online charting software to record patient’s progress. Using an off-site medical billing service makes the whole system streamline.

I genuinely wish that I had used a medical billing service like the one I now provide. If you are interested in learning more about my services, visit my website Ethical Billing Solutions

I offer:

  • No setup fees
  • No hidden fees
  • Rate based on collected amount
  • Detail oriented
  • Good patient communication skills
  • Quick turn around
  • 20 plus years’ experience
  • A/R reports provided monthly