Course 155 Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Every business should have a mission statement. It may in fact be one of the most crucial elements of your business plan. This is because it defines for yourself and for your customers exactly who you are and what value you are providing. It should be the pillar of all your operations.
Your mission statement should be short and definitive. It should communicate your values and vision for the clinic.
Here is an example:
Our Mission
To provide a caring environment in which we help our clients, through therapeutic techniques, to become more self-aware and to feel empowered to participate in their own healing process
To improve the quality of life for our clients by helping them to reduce stress and pain and bring health, balance and well-being into their lives
To provide the highest quality massage experience through the work of highly skilled therapists.

To be a positive, proactive voice in the community, facilitating high ethics and professionalism in the field of Massage Therapy and educating the public about the far-reaching benefits of therapeutic touch

To be recognized by the community as the leading Massage Clinic in our area.

To be a respected member of the medical community