Course 157 Customer Service Tips

Customer Service Tips to Keep Clients Coming Back
The best advice is to treat customers in the manner that you would like to be treated. Communicate your customer service expectations to your staff. Hire staff that genuinely enjoys people. Quickly eliminate employees that do not adapt to a high level of customer service.
1. Create consistency. Have a standard of service that all staff must adhere to. Example, if you advertise that your one hour massage sessions are 60 minutes of actual massage time, then that is what every customer should receive every time by every massage therapist. Amenities such as water offered by the therapist or receptionist after every massage session or hot herbal tea available for customers while they are waiting enhance a customer’s experience. However, if you cannot reliably provide this added touch for each customer at every visit it is better not to offer it at all. Customers respond well to consistency and will judge a subsequent visit as below par if their expectations are not met.
2. Operate with high ethics and transparency. Customers can perceive if a business is being run ethically. In addition, there will never be any nefarious acts to disclose to the public or to government agencies
3. Let every customer know that they are valued. It is important that each customer is immediately acknowledged when they walk in the door. If the receptionist is handling another customer they can still make eye contact, smile, and signal that they will be right with them.
4. Be friendly and helpful. Offering to help a patient research their insurance benefits is often appreciated. There may be occasional billing disputes or other minor conflicts. Most conflicts are the result of a misunderstanding and can usually be resolved if a customer is treated with respect.
5. Create an atmosphere of compassion. Most individuals seek massage therapy to help resolve an issue. Many come to the clinic in physical or emotional pain. Always be courteous and kind.
6. Respect a patient’s privacy. A therapist’s professional discussion regarding a patient with another provider is appropriate. However, it is never appropriate to discuss a patient within ear shot of another patient or to gossip about a patient with anyone. This violates HIPPA law and could lead to consequences for the clinic and perpetrator.
7. Run the clinic efficiently. Patient accounts should be accurate and organized. Billing should be systematic. Staff should be well educated regarding matters that they are responsible for. Take the time to set up systems correctly. Quickly address any glitches that arise.
8. Create a pleasant atmosphere. The clinic should be comfortably heated or cooled. It should be visually calming and devoid of chaos or clutter. Soft music can help to generate a relaxing ambiance.
9. Customers should perceive that the fee charged equals the value received.