With advances in technology, software designers have developed SaaS options that are affordable and offer features never before available to smaller medical practices.

Please don’t let your eyes cross and stop reading yet.  These time and effort saving options are really very exciting.

Besides the basics like online appointment scheduling and payments, leading-edge software companies provide some pretty amazing features.

If you’re new to online appointment scheduling, some of the terminology might be unfamiliar.  Here are a few definitions.


SaaS stands for software as a service.  It is a web-based, on-demand software delivery and licensing system.  Access is provided through a monthly or annual subscription.  The advantage is lower initial cost, easy integration and customization. 


SMS stands for short message service.  It is the most widely used type of text messaging.  Text messaging is quickly becoming the most common way to provide appointment reminders to customers.

Mobil App

Mobile app stands for mobile application.  It is software developed specifically for smartphones and tablets.  Many customers now rely on their smartphones and tablets to access information.   

Website Integration

Web integration means connecting web structures and processes necessary to create a complete web project.  The web is a collection of web pages and sites that are accessed with a web browser, via the internet.  The internet is a network of computers around the world that can talk to each other. 

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Of course you want your practice to run efficiently.
Check out these Saas features that will help you operate like a pro.

Super Saas

Super Saas offers these features plus many more.

  • Set up the layout of your appointment schedule to match the style of your own website for consistent branding
  • Use your schedule as a standalone page if you don’t want to integrate with your website
  • Use waiting lists with automatic or manual placement and notifications to maximize utilization
  • Send verification links to ensure users have valid email addresses
  • Link your Google Calendar so that appointments there show up as unavailable on your SaaS schedule
  • Set price rules, promotions and discounts to support your pricing

Full Slate

Full Slate offers these features plus many more.

  • QuickBooks Sync, bookkeeping’s new best friend.  Never manually double-enter data again.  When you collect payment for services rendered, payments are automatically synced to QuickBooks Online
  • Fully optimized for cell phones and tablets and designed to be touch-screen friendly
  • Real-time sync to your preferred calendar for up-to-date availability
  • Coordinate work at multiple locations with separate or shared business hours and staff
  • Set up repeating appointments and easily make exceptions when necessary


Genbook offers these features plus many more.

  • Make it easy for you to be found on Google and booked online across the Web
  • Boost your reputation. Publish positive reviews from your satisfied customers.
  • Each service has individual payment preferences, so you can control whether a customer’s card is captured, a deposit taken, or a full payment is made in advance
  • Keep track of clients that no-show, and change the payment preferences for specific customers, requesting credit card details before they can book online
  • Access analytic charts to help you manage your business

As you can see, using a SaaS provider will streamline and simplify your business operations. 

Automate appointment reminders to save you time and money.  Reduce no shows and eliminate time spend on reminder calls.

Customize settings to accept payments online and give clients the option to book and pay for their appointments when it’s convenient for them.  Reduce revenue lost because of last minute cancellations.  Automate policies to require payment when a cancellation is made past a certain time frame and require clients who habitually no show to pay at the time an appointment is scheduled.  Create waiting lists to fill cancellations automatically.

Simplify schedule creation by linking personal calendars with your SaaS calendar.  This allows  you and your staff to automatically block out time to accommodate personal obligations.

Increase your online visibility during Google searches and increase your reputation with positive online reviews from your customers.

These are just some of the ways SaaS can benefit your small medical practice.  It is an affordable option that will give your business a real edge.