Are your friends and family constantly sidling up, begging you to rub their shoulders? Do you frequently hear; “You’ve got good hands,” ‘You’ve got the touch” or “You should become a massage therapist?

A career as a massage therapist can be very rewarding. Hours can be flexible. Contributing to health and wellbeing by relieving client’s pain and stress is fulfilling. Massage Therapists can work as independent contractors or employees. They can work solo or as a group practice.

Something that is not well known, is the education and licensing requirements to become a massage therapist. In states like Washington State, massage therapists are licensed medical providers, allowing them to bill their patient’s health insurance for treatments.

Every state has different requirements to obtain a professional license for massage therapy.  What are Your State’s Licensing Requirement?

If following your dreams means becoming a massage therapist, welcome to the community of massage therapists. You’ll find we’re a group like none other…